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Tarte Tartin

So it was Anzac Day and Easter Monday all rolled into one sunny day here in Amsterdam. So, it called for a big backyard BBQ and lots of hungry friends. As well as all the savoury goodness on the table I whipped up my first ever Tarte Tartin – the classic upside down apple/caramel delishiousness! And I have to say, it was surprisingly easy…(ok, I cheated a tad and used bought pastry), but I didnt follow a recipe either, so I will have to give you approximates.

Tarte Tartin

Flakey or short-crust pastry.

3-5 apples (I used granny smith and pink lady)

@60grams butter

@1/2 cup caster sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

So, it was basically, core, peel and slice apples into decent slices.Preheat oven to approx 160C. Roll out pastry to fit your fry pan. (@24cm)

In deep sided non-stick (&oven friendly) fry pan, melt butter, sprinkle sugar over top. Slowly shake/swirl pan till sugar has melted and starts to caramelize.

Arrange apple slices (carefully, it’s super hot) and sprinkle vanilla.

Coat apples in caramel and then turn off heat. Lay pastry over top and push down around edges. Brush with a little melted butter.

Put fry pan in oven and let cook for 20mins or so, until pastry is golden brown.

Invert onto plate whilst warm and enjoy with vanilla ice-cream.