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Red Fruit Macarons

So, I have never made these before  – and everyone says they are tricky beasts. They would be right… what a lot of palaver for such a small treat. Anyway, after all the blending of almonds and sugar, the egg white whipping and colouring, I realised I didnt have the right nozzle attachment for my piping bag – so I did it with a decorative one… and well, aside from the fact they were a bit swirly – they were near perfect! Yay me! I would however recommend special silicon baking sheet instead of paper, as they can stick a bit.


 3 egg whites

75 gm caster sugar

125 ground almonds

175gm icing sugar

Blend almonds and icing sugar. Let it blend while you whip the egg whites. Preheat oven to 140C.

Whip egg whites to soft peaks, gradually add caster sugar.

Add any food colouring you like at this point – to eggs.

Turn off blender and sift the almond/sugar mixture into the eggs. Stir through. (throw away any big clumps out of the sieve).

Pipe onto baking tray. Let rest 30mins.

Bake 13mins. Cool. Fill with frosting or jam or both.

Good luck.